As I reflect over this year (2017), I'm grateful for God's many blessings.  This year has been challenging but God has been faithful.  He's opened doors for me this year that allowed me to sing my original music for a special wedding.  While I have sang for many weddings over the years this was the first time that I sang my original music.  Shortly thereafter I learned that one of my songs, "Lamb of God"  was used during a liturgical dance during a church service in San Diego, CA.  I was so humbled and grateful for the favor of God on the music.  Currently, I'm working to complete my first Holiday CD to be released December 9, 2017.  I'm very excited about this EP as it is a collaboration of music written by myself,  my mother, and my two talented brothers.  This is a special project because all sales of the Holiday CD will go to benefit Destiny Rescue, (a non profit organization that I volunteer with) in an effort to rescue girls from the horrible life of sex trafficking. While this EP commemorates the Holiday season, "I Shall Live Again" is a bonus track that is dedicated to those who have been impacted by the heinous act of trafficking.  It is my hope and prayer that "I Shall Live Again" brings healing and restoration to anyone who has been a victim of abuse and neglect.


The debut project is now complete...through major sickness that literally threatened my vocal abilities, G-d brought me out with more of a determination than ever to minister his WORD through song.

This road has been filled with excitement and some set backs but any time you are doing something to glorify G-d you are going to be met with opposition. However, I'm going hard and strong and excited about promoting this project and letting the WORLD know how Awesome G-D is.

Thanks to everyone who supported me during the launch of my solo career by purchasing the single, "You Loved Me First". I have received numerous testimonies of how the song has ministered and encouraged listeners and for that I'm grateful.

The single  charted 3 consecutive weeks March 2014 and was also featured in the March edition of Worship Arts Magazine. The single also afforded me to be the featured artist for All Time Gospel Radio during March 2014

I appreciate G-d for his favor and each of you who have spread the word about my ministry.    

I appreciate all the likes on Facebook Fan page...and I know that's due to all of you who are supporting me and sharing my Facebook page with others.  :-). Please continue to keep me in your prayers...

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Thanks for your continued support,

Dee Dee

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